Friday, December 19, 2008

Goody Bags

Okay, so my goody bags are finished and gifted. YAY! I am pleased with the way they turned out, other than the paper was a little too muted. This was my first stab at DIY gifts, so I will make a mental note to use brighter papers next time! :o)

The trays & snowflakes were ones I made using SCAL & the Cricut Create. To give them extra support on the bottom, I took a cardboard insert (something I saved from a pack of paper or something), cut it to size and adhered a scrap piece of the same snowflake paper over the top of the cardboard. I didn't have to glue the cardboard down, since it didn't effect the tray itself and it fit snug inside the bottom.
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Sheri said...

I love your gifts Billie. You have inspired me! Sheri

Billie Dean-St Clair said...

Thanks Sheri,

They were SUPER easy! Just remember...BRIGHT colors show better through the wrap, which is just Saran Wrap, BTW. ;o)