Thursday, November 17, 2011

“Bite Me” Bookmarks


I’ve got a booth at a local craft/Christmas fair on 12/3 and I’m scrambling to make a bunch of crafty ‘stuff’. 

NOTE:  These are for sale HERE!  :-)

This is something I’ve had in mind for a LONG time.  My oldest daughter is a big vampire/supernatural lover…books, movies, etc.  She loves it all.  I figure since Twilight is all the rage right now, I would put a little spin on that and a popular phrase that’s been in our family for YEARS!!!!  “Bite Me” is what we all say when someone is giving us a hard time.  The fangs work well with it, don’t ya think?  ;-)

So, here is my “Bite Me” bookmark.  I’ve got about 20 of these made and ready to roll. 

A big HUGE thanks to Kim at Cutters Creek for the quick shipping on the Cricut stamp refills.  I used the Cricut stamp material, Van Helsing font, Cricut machine and SCAL to cut my “Bite Me” stamp.   

It goes without saying, but I’m now one corner bookmark shy of 20 for my booth.  My daughter took one look at it and said “That’s Mine!!”.  he he!!

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Kim Bush said...

That is sooooo stinking cute!! I am so glad I could help out :)

Anonymous said...

Cute!!!!!!! I bet you sell them all!!!!
Thanks for sharing,
Judy Garrelts