Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Send-off to The Character Cafe Design Team


Here is a slideshow of the projects I’ve done for The Character Cafe over the last 9 months with their Design Teams.  I have greatly enjoyed my time with them and I hope you’ve found inspiration in something I’ve created.  :o)



It has been a great pleasure and privilege to work not only with precious images from The Character Cafe, but also the wonderful Design Team ladies I’ve had the joy of knowing over the last 9 months! 

To The Character Cafe:  This is NOT good-bye!  I will still see you all around “Blogland” and who knows…maybe I’ll play along on a challenge sometime!  :o)


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Kendra said...

Awww Billie, we will miss you... you always have the answers and now I'm not sure where we'll find them, but you're right, we will be seeing you around blogville and we'll definitely have you back in some capacity I'm sure :) We've loved working with you and seeing all your fab creations... happy crafting!!!

little cardmaker said...

Great slide show...and it's been a pleasure working with you as well. Thanks for such a lovely "good-bye."

Kelly said...

Hey Billie...what a great send off for The Character Cafe! We will really miss you and your crafty talents and your brain too. Kendra's right where are we going to get the answers?...hopefully someone else on our team will be able to fill your shoes. It certainly isn't going to be know how blog/web illiterate I am...hee,hee.
See you around blogville.

Sara said...

awww Billie, I'm gonna miss you!!!! It's been a great pleasure working with you. By the way your new blog looks great!