Monday, March 22, 2010

A Little Digi Scrapping

Well, I decided a few weeks ago that I’d start doing some digital layouts since I have 3 kids, none of which have a complete scrapbook album….okay, not even half of a scrapbook album (I know, I know!!!).  I really want to get their albums caught up, so in the words of FlyLady, I’m doing it in baby steps.  ;o)

I was originally using Paint Shop Pro 9 to do layouts, but found it very tedious to resize elements the size I needed for my layouts.  My friend, Sheri, introduced me to Stampin’ Up My Digital Studio.  It is a lot easier to use than PSP9, however I do see some downfalls that I really hope they’ll do an update on. 

One BIG downfall that I’ve found is this: 

When you have an element – say the bracket thing behind the photos for instance – I can change the color all day long to any color I want and I can use SU papers to fill it….but I can’t do a paper fill with my own digital paper downloads.  Or if I can, I haven’t figured it out yet.  I’ve only had this about a week and a half, so I’m still learning.  Maybe I just haven’t gotten that far yet.  ha!  If you use MDS and know how to do this, I’ll love you FOREVER if you tell me how to do it.  :-)

UPDATED TO ADD:  I figured it out!  I decided to try something and it worked!!!

  • Locate My Digital Studio in your computer
  • Double-click to open the program
  • Double-click to open the “components” folder
  • Double-click to open the “backgrounds” folder
  • Create a folder with whatever name you want to call it.
  • Open that folder
  • In a separate window, locate and open the folder where you currently have your background papers
  • Drag and drop your papers into your newly created folder in your SU program

Now when you open your MDS software and have a paper in mind, you click to open the folder you created and your papers are there.  I am SOOOOO excited!!!!!

UPDATED AGAIN TO ADD:  I do not recommend dropping ALL of your papers and elements into the MDS folder.  I’m getting error messages on every single paper I added and I get the same messages every time I open the program.  That’s no fun when you have a bunch of papers.  So rather than drag and drop them all there, I’m just going to leave them all in another folder and drag & drop the papers when I want to use them.  That way I deal with the error messages on only the pages I’m using.  When I’m done using them, I can move the papers back to their original location.  Kind of a pain, but worth it until I can figure out another option.  ;o)

So…other than a few changes I’d love to see Stampin Up make, I’m very happy with the program.  It is very user friendly and and has a LOT of paper, color, stamp and paper punch options that come with it.  Now if MDS could just find some extra hours in my day so I can get some pages finished!  LOL

Anyway, this is a page I made with MDS of my youngest and my husband doing the “spaghetti scene” from Lady & The Tramp.  One of my favorite photo ops of the two of them.  :o)


Allison 1-020 

So, there ya have it….digital scrapping with MDS! 


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Sheri said...

Okay..... Love this!!! So sweet!!! I love the journaling especially. What a fantastic memory you'll have forever!

denise said...

I do remember seeing this pics, but this is just a beautiful as the first time you scrapped it!
The journaling is AWESOME!