Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whatcha Workin’ On Wednesday


The girls on our Stamping Scrapping Design Team and I have been talking about sharing photos of what we’re currently working on.  So, this is what my current project looks like……………….unedited, just for you!  ;o)


Yes, I have a bit of a mess in one corner of my room!  Some girlfriends & I are getting together to have a HUGE yard sale at my house on April 9.  It was originally supposed to be just three of us, but I think we’re up to at least 5, with potentially one or two others.  We’re going to have so much fun!!!  LOL

The plastic table and chair to the right of this photo is where my friend, Tina, sits when she comes over to scrapbook.  Melody sits at the table that butts up against this one.  This is where they sat the first time they came over and they just always go to that seat.  It’s quite funny!! 


We’ve even made our signs!!  We made three double-sided neon signs for the three entrances into my subdivision, seven more double-sided signs for the various turns to get from the entrances to my house and we did 3 double-sided signs to hang on the neon signs with my address and an arrow.  The cuts were made with my Cricut Expression and Plantin Schoolbook cartridge.  We’re prepared!!! 

So, today (and for the next several days) I’m working on cleaning out what I’m going to get rid of.  NO!  The My Mind’s Eye paper and the two stacks in front of the JetMax cubes will NOT be included in the sale.  I can’t part with my MME papers!  LOL 

I’m going through every piece of loose paper and every other thing in this scraproom and cleaning out the things I don’t like, don’t want and/or things I’ll never use!  And as I’m cleaning things out, I’m organizing it in my cubes and labeling each cube so I can go to the appropriate drawer, pull out what I want and know exactly where to put it back.  So far, so good. 

So, what are YOU working on today??

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Froggy said...

that isn't a mess! now I really dont want to take a picture of mine! Its a million times worse! LOL

The Bug said...

You are one busy lady - and i wouldn't call that messy - You should hop on over and look at mine - LOL!

Melody said...

I got name-checked by Billie! Whoo-hoo!!