Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another PSE Layout


Carrying on with my PSE class………

Here is a layout I made of my oldest daughter (Kelci) from the couple hundred photos I took of her before prom.  Clark showed up and we took about a dozen photos of him/them together before he was complaining that his cheeks hurt.  LOL 


Kelci Prom

In this layout, I used the cookie cutter tool to cut the heart from the photo, used the eraser tool to blend the background and used stroke around the heart. I used the paint bucket to fill in the stroke around the heart, for the font color and for the color on the filmstrip. The green came from the very, very little bit of green you can see in my daughter's dress in the bottom right photo. LOL

Would I be being a biased mom if I say I think Kelci is just gorgeous?  ;-)

I’m working on some other layouts and have a project for the “red, white & blue” challenge coming up soon, so I hope you’ll stop back by for another visit. 

Until next time………….

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Karen's Fun Blog said...

So very beautiful! : )

Fran said...

You did an awesome job on the layout. Using that stroke tool gave the heart a neat beveled look.
That is not that easy to so I say you are doing real good with PSE.
And yes Kelci is beautiful! Hugs, Fran

Anonymous said...

I finally got to see your layouts and they are AWESOME, and OMG, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Thanks for sharing,
Judy Garrelts