Friday, January 27, 2012

365 Ways…


This project is an idea my photographer friend, Kelli, emailed me and asked me to make for her.  I had so much fun making it and liked it so much that I made another one for myself.  :-)

Here are the photos of the one I made for Kelli. 

Here are photos of the one I made to keep!  :-)

I’m sure you can’t tell from the photos, but “I Love You” on the hearts have Spica on them to make them shimmer.  It’s so subtle that I couldn’t get a photo to pick it up……….and trust me when I say I took a ton of photos of both in an attempt to pick up the shimmer.  Ah, well!

Anyway, the main difference between the one I made for Kelli and the one I kept for myself is the “365”.  For her vase, I did individual numbers and popped them up.  For the one I’m keeping, I made it into a layered tag. 

Thanks for stopping by!  :-)


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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is really cool! You did great!!!!!
Thanks for sharing,
Judy Garrelts

Karen's Fun Blog said...

This is beautiful Billie! : )