Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Themed Basket




Okay, so I made a “Fall” themed basket yesterday and took it to the school today.  I wasn’t terribly impressed, but several people walking past me made comments about how pretty, so I guess I was too harsh on it.  Or maybe because it was a complete PITA and all I wanted to do was eat that chocolate that was in there to give me a reward for not throwing it across the house!!!!!  Anyway, the photo above is the of the basket sitting on my staircase.  I decided I’d show you this photo so you’ll know what that green stuff is by the bucket in the close-up photos!  ha!


I think this photo is kind of cool because of the way the Jack-o-Lantern is reflecting on the wall.  ha ha!!!



A kind of “odd” overhead shot.  Makes me dizzy, how about you?




A closer look at the left side of the basket. 



A closer look at the middle of the basket. 



And last but not least, a closer look at the right hand side of the basket.  Yeah, I realized that I should have embossed the apples AFTER I got the flower wire glued into the center of them!  UGH!  Oh well….


And in case you care about details:

  • Leaves - A Child’s Year
  • Jack-o-Lantern – A Child’s Year
  • Crow – A Child’s Year
  • Apple – A Child’s Year
  • Scarecrow – Paper Doll Dress Up
  • Sunflower – Walk In My Garden
  • Crow – Googly Eyes
  • Stazon Inks in various colors for shading and effect on the cuts

And so you can avoid MY issues, DON’T use floral wire!  It’s not sturdy enough and they lean and flop over!  I made the mistake of making them all and THEN sticking them down into the basket…therefore ALL of my cuts were “done” with the floral wire!  I was ready to throw them all in the trash and call it a loss when Judy suggested that I wrap the floral wire around the skewer to see if that worked.  I told her I loved her…I don’t think she really believed me!  But it worked, so THANK YOU JUDY!!!  :o)


Oh, BTW, my daughter’s teacher said that all the goodies were gone by the end of the day.  So if nothing else, they enjoyed the goodies!


If you have any questions, let me know! 

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Deanna said...

Billie, I think your basket turned out really cute. It does look like it was a lot of work. Glad the kids enjoyed it.

Heather in FL said...

That's just adorable, and so sweet of you to have made the teachers a goodie basket. I'm sure they appreciated it!

Anonymous said...

Billie...your basket is pretty darn cute. Im sure the teachers loved it...but I have to say, I think that the state law thing sucks! That stated, my children do not have peanut or food alergies, so I can see where it could be a problem for some kids.


Sara said...

I love it, it turned out great!

Sara said...

what a wonderful idea creating that basket!!! i love it!!!



Nicole said...

Just amazingly beautiful!!! I LOVE IT!!! You are very creative! This is my 1st visit to your blog, and I will be returning!!! TFS


Nicole (Inky's Mama) :)