Monday, May 31, 2010

Kindergarten album

Flunker 1


This is for my daughter’s Kindergarten class.  I tried uploading it to a couple of other websites and it’s taking WAAAAAY to long!  So, I’m opting to load the pages here for our class parents to see.  For those of you interested in cards and Copics, you can skip this post!  I’ll be back to my 'regularly scheduled program” soon.  ;o)


Flunker 24 Flunker 2  Flunker 3 Flunker 4 Flunker 5 Flunker 6 Flunker 7 Flunker 8 Flunker 9 Flunker 10 Flunker 11 Flunker 12 Flunker 13 Flunker 14 Flunker 15 Flunker 16 Flunker 17 Flunker 18 Flunker 19 Flunker 20 Flunker 21 Flunker 22 Flunker 23



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Karen's Fun Blog said...

She's going to love it!! What a great gift!!

ultraroyale said...

Hi Billie;
I don't know anything about scrapbooking, but those look like they were quit abit of work. The pages look great. Thanks for sharing.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!
Bob L.

Kathy Billings said...

Billie...this album is absolutely fantastic!!! I would be so proud and estatic to receive something like this.

Anonymous said...

What a special project!!!! One she will cherish always!!!

Natonya said...

Very cute!!! You're giving me ideas for my little ones.

Sheri said...

Billie! I love it! You've set the bar very high for all the rest of the moms! Such an amazingly thoughtful gift! Great job!