Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Digi Scrapping in 24x12


Hi Fellow Crazy Crafters!!

At CKC San Marcos, I was able to volunteer some time in a couple of classrooms for Patty, aka The Digital Scrapbook Teacher.  If you’ve never been to her site or attended her classes, you’re missing out!  She is fluent in PhotoShop Elements and teaches you step-by-step how to achieve the look you’re going for…………and she has awesome page templates!!




Anyway, I visited her store booth (of course) and was in awe of the quantity of CDs she had available for purchase! 

The template I used can be found in Set C.  This is what the template looked like when I started:


This is the page I made using the template above and photos taken by Kellukas Photography back in November. 

st clair family24x12 page copy

As you can see, I removed the small photo blocks at the top of the page, added some text and moved the flourish up. 

Once I was done editing - and of course, saving - my page, cropped it down to be 2 12x12 pages, as shown below……

st clair family left page

st clair family right page

They will each be printed as a 12x12 page, which I can then put into my 12x12 scrapbook album.  I think I prefer the 24x12 templates over the 12x12 now.  I wish I had know when I visited her booth……. I sure hope she does a sale on these soon!  *sigh* 

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope to see you again soon!  :-)


Billie’s Scrappetique 

PS – don’t mind my bad hair day!  It was humid and windy that day and my hair WAS NOT cooperating AT ALL!!!

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Cindy Gay said...

It's a very professional looking layout!

Danielle said...

Nice work. The pictures came out great, and the layout really shows off the whole family.

Penny Duncan Creations said...

Oh WOW Billie!!! Your layout looks GREAT!!! LOVE all the pics!!!

Kim Bush said...

That turned out awesome Billie!!!!

Karen's Fun Blog said...

Great pages Billie!! : )