Friday, January 29, 2010

Altered Clock




If you are ANYTHING like me, you are constantly losing track of time in your scrap area and before you know it, it’s time for the family to be home, dinner to be cooked and/or bed time!  Not that it’s a bad thing to lose track of time in your scrap area, but make it a habit and I think our families might have a REAL problem with it!  ;o)


So, back before Christmas, I happened to be shopping at Ikea and found this Rusch Clock.  Fortunately, they had one on display that I was able to pick up and turn over and over in my hand to see if it was “alterable”.  Eureka!  It pops apart!  And for $2.99, not only did I buy one…….I bought THREE!  My intention was to make these for Christmas gifts, but well……….I shamefully admit that this is the first one I’ve even taken out of the box!  EVECA0~1


ANYWAY!  So today was the day for one of these clocks to get altered.  I bought a Best Occasions Scrap Pack from Tuesday Morning last week and decided to use this pink flowery paper!  I popped the clock face off (little tabs on the back), then removed the clock parts (again, little tabs on the back).  I removed the paper that has the #s on it and used that as my template to trace the circle for the background onto my chosen paper.  I also used the paper with the #s and punched all the #s out with my circle punch.  Not a perfect solution…I’ll probably do this a little differently next time!  I cut an extra flower out of the same flowery paper, curled it a little bit and placed in the center.  I poked the hole in the center and put everything back together (obviously clock parts first, followed by the clock face).  And this is what it looks like all finished……….



Yes, I did think of doing a photo of my family or a stamped and colored image, but well……..this took the least amount of brain-power today!  ;o)

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Sheri said...

How flippin cute is that!

The Tropical Scrapper said...

Billie it's adorable!

Karen's Fun Blog said...

Love your clock Billie!! Love the softness of it so it is still easy to read at glance!

ThePurplePlace said...

A great clock for a craft room and a great idea too!

Thanks for sharing!

Scrappy said...

This is so cute Billie! I love it!

Heather in FL said...

How cool is that? That came out so great!

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Billie! totally cute!