Thursday, May 07, 2009

Paper Doll Dress Up and Peachy Keen Face

As promised on one of my scrapbooking boards, I have made a doll using the Peachy Keen Stamps. Unfortunately, I didn't keep the packaging for my stamps to let you know which ones I have, so I have no clue what these are! LOL But, here are the details for everything else concerning this doll:
Face - Peachy Keen Stamps
Ink Pad - Memento Tuxedo Black
Hair Bow - Cotton Candy Stickles
Tutu - Black Diamond Stickles
Cheeks - Fruit Punch Copic Marker
Hair Color - Couldn't find the 'right' color paper for hair, so I used a Sepia Copic Marker
Doll & Clothing - Paper Doll Dress Up at 4". Used hair from Supergirl, because the dancer's hair was WAAAAY too big!!!
So, there ya have it! :o)
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Anonymous said...

Very cool I am going to buy some next paycheck since I kinda spent everything this week lol!!


Sheri said... are moving to the top of the enabler class! ADORABLE!!!

pprice said...


Manhattan Mandie said...

What a cutie!

Scrappy said...

I love it she's so cute! I can totally picture her feet all stickled too!!!!

Anonymous said...
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