Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Father's Day Card - Crafty Monkey Challenge 23

Someone told me a few days ago about the Crafty Monkeys blog site that has kid challenges. This week's challenge was to create "one for the boys"...a boy or man card! I decided to have my daughter make a Father's Day card, since that day is rapidly approaching.

Here's what we used:

White cardstock - I cut it to A2 size and showed her how to fold it with my piece. She folded her piece...a little crooked, but Daddy won't care! ;o)
Father Vellum - This was a neato paper pack I bought at (yes!!) Tuesday Morning. I wasn't really intending to use it for 'father' stuff. I just liked some of the colors. But it was perfect for her! KEEP IT SIMPLE! LOL
Sentiment - Inque Boutique See-d's "Father's Day Circle" (bought today on clearance for $1.99)
Buttons - three blue/gray buttons from our stash. I pulled out 3 each of 4 different colors and she chose this color. They match the blue on the left hand side of the card too...good job, girly! She put glue dots on the middle and stuck the buttons down where she wanted them.

Yes, my daughter did write this! She has been writing for about a year now. She helps write my grocery lists (I tell her how to spell things, of course!) and she writes our family members' names without assistance. She does very good for a child who barely turned 5 and has never been to school or daycare! (Or at least I think so...but I'm biased!)

*Disclaimer* I helped her with the cutting, inking of the stamp and punching the sentiment out. She folded the card, did all of the glue dots, stamped the sentiment, chose the buttons and positioned everything where she wanted it.

I think she did a very good job!

And here is what my cutie patootie looked like today while we waited for five minutes in the drive-thru at Arbys! At least one of us had a smile! ;o)
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Anonymous said...

Good Job Allison!!

Daddy's gonna love this card.

Oma (grandmother of Allison) is very proud of you.

Scrappy said...

Great card and adorable kid!!!!