Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spellbinders Sunflower Card


At CKC this past weekend, I saw a scrapbook page made with this sunflower die and I really liked it, so I’m bringing it to you on a quick (SUPER QUICK) card.  Very simple looking, but the flower is so big that you don’t need much else.  I’ll add my sentiment to the top right of my card whenever I decide who the recipient will be and what occasion it will be used for.  I like to have a few cards on hand when I need to grab one and send to a friend or family member, so leaving them without a sentiment makes them multi-functional.  ;o)

Products used for this project:

I cut TWO of the sunflower using goldenrod cardstock.  Before removing the flowers from the die, I embossed, then added the E35 to the exposed portion of the petals on each flower to give it some added dimension. 

This is what your flower should look like when you’re done with the steps above:


Cut ONE of the flower center on brown cardstock, again leaving the die in place so I can easily do my embossing, then add the C9 to the exposed portion of the cardstock.

This is what your flower center should like like after the steps above:


Cut one or two leaves (I may go back and add another one to my cards.  TBD).  Leaving die in place, emboss, then airbrush with BG99. 

This is what your leaf should look like when you’re done with all the steps above:


This is what your pieces should look like at this point:


Layer pieces and glue together as you go.  Turn your top layer different ways before you glue it down.  Some ways you lay it, you wouldn’t cover all of the empty spaces.  Other ways will.  Play with it to see what is most pleasing to you.


Once you get your pieces glued together the way you want, this is what your flower should look like:


Please excuse the blue tone of the photos from this point forward.  I was taking the photos as I went…in the same place, with the same camera and with the same light conditions.  Whatever!  You get the point, right?  LOL

At this point, add your Flower Soft glue and add your Flower Soft over the top of it.  This is what you’ll see:


Dump the excess Flower Soft back into your container.  This is what your flower should look like:


Add your Stickles and set aside to dry.  When I applied my Stickles, I didn’t like the big glob of glue, so I kind of gave it a little smear with the tip of the applicator.  Somehow I didn’t get a photo of what it looked like after I smeared it, so hopefully you can see it on my card.  ;o)

I added a little shape to my flower petals by simply running my finger along the petal while pulling (gently) away from the center. 


DONE!  I made two cards that are pretty similar.  Notice how the petals don’t cover the empty spaces on the card in back?  That was my first card.  I learned with the second card that you have to twist and turn the top layer to get it the way you want it. 


How easy was that?!  I’d love to see what you’ve made with this die.  Email me a link or a photo of yours!  My email address is in the side-bar of my blog

Thanks for stopping by!



NOTE:  You don’t have to airbrush your card if you don’t have an airbrush!  You can add chalk inks, chalk, etc to the raised areas to give dimension.  The added dimension really helps!!

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Sheri said...

WOW! That is incredible! I am very, very impressed!

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, that looks fabulous. TFS.

Nancy said...

Billie, this is just wonderful, and your tutorial is very informative and easy to follow. Thanks

Leanne said...

Wow! That flower is gorgeous!! Thanks, just one more thing to add to my wish list!!! Shame on you for enabling!! Whoever gets these cards will be thrilled!!

Stephanie said...

That is awesome Billie! I love it and your tut is great!!

Debbie Yates said...

Very cool...thx for the pix...that really helps us "visual" folks!

SueB said...

Billie that is gorgeous!! And I can't tell you how unhappy I am I now have to go buy that die! Those flowers would be lovely in a vase, a photo/shadowbox many things.
I love your work. Hope you feel better soon/
Sue B

monica said...

Awesome Billie! Going to have to try this--your tutorial is perfect--feel better
Hugs Monica M

LadyTrucker said...

Beautiful as always! Your ideas are amazing!

cheribella said...

Love this...have always loved sunflowers but I would have never thought to buy this die. You have much such a beautiful simple card that I now think this is a must have(:
p.s. Thanks for the tut

Tina said...

wow - this is the detail you added with the airsoft copics...great job.

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog


Anonymous said...


This post was interesting, how long did it take you to write?

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am really happy to find this. cool job!