Thursday, February 03, 2011

CHA photos



Sorry I wasn’t able to upload photos while I was at CHA.  My roomy, Janine, and I didn’t have internet access unless we wanted to pay $10 per day, per computer for us to be able to use it for a few hours a day.  The other option (and yes, we tried) was to get the WiFi at the convention center…….for $50 a day!!!  We  opted not.  ;o)

So, here are a few photos taken while I was there.  I didn’t take a ton….I wish I had.  Lesson learned for next time!  And I’ll make some videos too!



Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza from DIY Network’s Creative Juices.  I did a make & take at their booth.  Both are very friendly and personable.  He’s probably more on the friendly side than she is….but that’s probably expected, right? 


Emma Lou from Heartfelt Creations and me.  I adore their stamps and Emma Lou is SO sweet!!  She even remembered me stalking visiting her booth at CKC in Texas!  :o)


Tim Holtz demoing some tags.


Cute, cute decor element!





 DSC06573 DSC06574 DSC06575 DSC06577



Mindy & I ready for our make & take time at the Spellbinders booth.  We had some HILARIOUS people stop by our make & takes.  HILARIOUS!!!!


Mindy doing a demo at the Stamping Scrapping booth.


Tim Holtz and me.  Sheri took this picture.  She took the first one, which was blurry, so I’m giving her the “snap it already!” look.  LOL


Julie Fei-Fan Balzer – I stopped by her booth as well.  She’s just as chatty in person as she is on TV.  LOL



The next few photos are of the beautifully decorated Heartfelt Creations booth.   All of these flowers are made using the Heartfelt Creations stamps and cut with Spellbinders dies.  Yes!  Even all of those flowers on the picket fence and in the birdbath are flowers made with their stamps.  :o)

IMAG2466 IMAG2465 IMAG2461 IMAG2462 IMAG2458 IMAG2459

Freebie of the new Tropical Tangerine Stickles.  So pretty!! 



The next several photos are of the new Spellbinders dies.  Good thing it wasn’t a consumer show.  I’d have gone bankrupt on this booth alone!!  LOL

IMAG2494  IMAG2486 IMAG2487 IMAG2489 IMAG2490 IMAG2491 IMAG2492 IMAG2493

Again, I wish I had taken more product photos, but there were signs and frequent announcements asking us not to take photos without the consent of the booth owner…and I have this fear of rejection, so I just don’t ask!  *sigh*

Please stay safe and warm away from the elements this weekend!!


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Stephanie said...

Wow, just love those dresses and flowers!! Did you get Tim's autograph??

ScrappySandie said...

Thanks, Billie, for posting your CHA pictures! Great pictures! What an amazing place to be! Amazing products! Yes, a bit jealous here!

Anonymous said...

Love them all!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Judy Garrelts

Melody said...

Did you get to talk to Tim, or just bask in his glow? Very cool photos. LOVE the new Spellbinders dies!

Aletha J. Williams said...

Thanks so much for sharing! This is some place I would go bankrupt also.

Yone said...

Hi,Billie !
Thanks for sharing this wonderful photos with us ! Hugs,Yone